Monday, April 25, 2011

Any Education Is A Privilege

After writing about the politics in education I thought about my trip to the DR and how I've been a little "Dominican home sick" this week, it was the final sign up week and I just don't have enough time or money this summer to go BUT non the less my thoughts and prayers are with those I've helped and still want to help.

ANYWAY this all links with Ira Shor, because I think about the education that we give to those in the DR. I was on the teaching team for half of the week the last time I went and we teach them basic English and reading skills. To them, they cannot WAIT to get to school. They don't think about whose teaching them, if it's good, they NEED to be there because that is there hope for having a better life. To learn English in the DR will get you far (in their mind) because they can become translators for those that visit, work in the cities, or better yet work at the resorts. They don't question the education because that is the difference between cutting sugar canes like their fathers and mothers, or living to their full potential. We as teachers do not give them pointless assignments or have them spit back words, we have conversations, we teach them about the world beyond the sugar cane. We have them question where they're living and help them to know where they are capable of going.

I could be completely wrong in my thinking, but have a look at the kids that I taught/ visited. I made this video to show to my church when we came home last summer:


  1. great post this week! it must have been really rewarding to go to the DR and help the people there

  2. this was really touching, i respect what you do at the DR i think its great, and looks like it is rewarding and fun as well as hard work/challenging

  3. i really think this is a great post and completely agree that any education is a privilege.

  4. That video was awesome! i go on a service trip evry year with my church too. It really is an awesome experience! the video was awesome though i really liked it!!!